Say Goodbye to Stubborn Stumps

A professional stump removal in Louisville, KY can improve your yard

When you look at your yard, what do you see? If you're distracted by unsightly stumps, it's time to make a change. You can get a stump removal service in Louisville, Kentucky from Louisville Tree and Landscape. Our arborists have the experience and know-how to eliminate your stumps. You'll have a smooth, even lawn again in no time at all.

Is your yard littered with ugly stumps? There's a simple solution. Consult a stump removal specialist from Louisville Tree and Landscape in Louisville, Kentucky today.

Old stumps don't serve a purpose

Many homeowners don't realize just how bad old stumps are for their properties. They can cause a lot of problems. A stump removal service can:

  • Expand your lawn's usable space
  • Prevent bacteria and pest infestations
  • Prevent tripping injuries
  • Stop removed trees from growing back
  • Make mowing your lawn easier


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