Keep Your Trees Healthy

Start with tree pruning in Louisville, KY

Healthy trees can add natural beauty and shade to any yard. If your trees look overgrown, or if they have mold issues, it's time to call a professional arborist from Louisville Tree and Landscape. Our tree care services include tree pruning and tree fertilization in Louisville, Kentucky. You can simply tell us about your tree problems, and we'll propose an effective solution.

Learn more about tree pruning and fertilization now by calling 502-794-7916.

Improve the health of your trees and shrubs

Are your trees tall and lush? If not, you may need to improve your tree care routine. When you work with us, your trees will be kept in exceptional shape all year long. In addition to pruning and trimming overgrown branches, we'll:

  • Apply fertilizer to the base of your trees
  • Apply fungicide to prevent mold growth
  • Clean up leaves around your trees
  • Trim overgrown shrubs


Meet with a tree fertilization pro from Louisville Tree and Landscape in Louisville, Kentucky today.