Don't Ignore Hazardous Branches

Discover the importance of tree trimming in Louisville, KY

Are your trees covered in dead or dying branches? These limbs could fall, causing damage to your home or vehicle and injuries to passerby. That's why Louisville Tree and Landscape performs tree trimming in Louisville, Kentucky. We'll remove your damaged and diseased branches to minimize risk. Plus, your trees will grow fuller and healthier as a result.

Do you need a tree branch removal? Ask a pro from Louisville Tree and Landscape in Louisville, Kentucky today.

Dead branches are an eyesore

Dead and dying tree branches aren't appealing. They can make your yard look cluttered and unkempt-especially once they've fallen to the ground. Tree trimming can improve your yard's appearance and enhance your curb appeal. Maybe you're struggling with tree roots that are growing too close to your home. We can help with that, too. An arborist from our team can remove them without harming your home or landscape.

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